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Watch Barbaroslar Episode 24 with English Subtitles Free of Cost

Watch Barbaroslar Episode 24 with English Subtitles Kayi Family Free of Cost

Barbaroslar Episode 23 Review

In Barbaroslar Episode 24, When Pablo is about to kill Khizir’s soldiers, Ottoman spies come and save them. Despite being injured, Pablo manages to escape. Gabriel tricks Ilyas and starts killing Ottoman soldiers. Ilyas realizes that he has made a big mistake and attacks Gabriel. Khizir realizes the mistake of Ilyas and sets off to Kelemez to talk to him.

Meryem finds Sahin and sees that he is injured. Sahin tells her where the attackers went. Meryem begins to follow the attackers and attacks one of them. Sahsenem is injured in her arm, but she manages to escape Meryem’s attack. Meryem and Isabel are very angry with Ilyas. Gabriel learns that Khizir escaped from the island and the soldiers were unable to catch Ilyas. Pasha gets angry with Ilyas for not getting Oruj.

Barbaroslar Episode 24 English Subtitles Kayi Family

When Khizir hears what Ilyas is saying, he gets even angrier and slaps him. Khizir says he will not talk to Ilyas anymore and leaves the castle with his family. Soldiers sent by Pasha go to Levitha, but Gabriel kills them in a short time. Khizir says that what Pasha did was very wrong and that the Ottoman State should do something now. Barbaroslar Episode 24 English Subtitles Osmanonline

Barbaroslar Episode 24 Release Date is 24th March 2022

Khizir does not attack Gabriel so that Oruj does not die. Pasha says he will get Levitha back and doesn’t care about Oruj’s life. Sahbaz checks the money he earns from the casinos on the island and says that if Khizir plans something, he will inform Gabriel immediately. Khizir goes back to Kelemez and says they have to save Oruj first. Pasha says they have to get Levitha back immediately and objects to Khizir.

Barbaroslar Episode 24 English Subtitles

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Barbaroslar Capitulo 24 en Espanol Subtitles

Ver Barbaroslar Capitulo 24 con subtítulos en español. Ver Barbaroslar Las espadas del Mediterráneo Episodio 24.


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