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In Barbaroslar Episode 30,  Oruj executes Gabriel. Dervish wants food to be given to the people in the city. Kemal says that the people in Modon can worship freely. Kemal asks Oruj to rule not only Modon but the entire eastern Mediterranean. Don Diego learns that Pedro could not stop the Turks and gets angry with him. Don Diego realizes that Oruj will not pay the ransom and takes action to attack Kelmez.

Don Diego starts attacking Kelemez and harms the people in the port. Khizir realizes that the ships will collide and jumps into the sea with the sailors. Oruj saves those who fell into the sea one by one and tries to reach Kelmez. Huma learns of the attack and tells them to stay in the castle. Isabel and Meryem say they have to go out. Don Diego first kills Niko and then seriously injures Gulletopuk.

Barbaroslar Episode 30 English Subtitles Kayi Family

Oruj learns that Don Diego has kidnapped the women and tells Khizir that Niko is dead. Don Diego thinks that he has destroyed Oruj’s honor and plans to present the women to the King of Spain. Khizir is very sad about Niko’s death and says he will avenge him no matter what. Don Diego’s ambassador comes to Kelemez and tells him that the women are now captives. The ambassador asks Oruj for ten thousand gold and Andalusian Muslims. Barbaroslar Episode 30 English Subtitles Osmanonline

Barbaroslar Episode 30 Release Date is 12th May 2022

Oruj says he knows Selim, Emir of Algeria, and sets out to sea with his sailors. Don Diego is very happy with the gifts he will give the King and orders a feast that evening. Rosa asks the captive women to join the feast. Pedro goes to the dungeon and asks the Turkish women to join the feast. Isabel and Meryem sternly reject this offer. As Pedro tries to force the women away, Meryem slaps him.

Barbaroslar Episode 30 English Subtitles

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Barbaroslar Capitulo 30 en Espanol Subtitles

Ver Barbaroslar Capitulo 30 con subtítulos en español. Ver Barbaroslar Las espadas del Mediterráneo Episodio 30.



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