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In Destan Episode 11, The 11th episode trailer of Epic, which met with the audience on ATV screens and watched with interest in every episode, was released. The new episode of the series will be broadcast on Tuesday evening, February 15, 2022.

The new episode trailer of the epic will be the scene of exciting developments again. The last episode of the Epic series, which was written by Nehir Erdem, Ayşe Ferda Eryılmaz, brought together successful actors such as Selim Bayraktar, Deniz Barut, Ebru Şahin, Edip Tepeli, Burak Tozkoparan, Esra Kılıç, Burak Berkay Akgül, Ecem Sena Bayır, and the curiosity about the series. All the details are on our website.

Destan Episode 11 English Subtitles Kayifamily

The epic is about the love between Akkız, the mountain girl whose family was killed by Gök Kagan Korkut Han and left an orphan in Central Asia, and Gök Tegini Batuga, whose destinies are very similar, and whose family was killed by Korkut Han. Destan Episode 11 English Subtitles Kayifamily TV Series

Destan Episode 11 Release Date is 15th February 2021

Akkız and Batuga will make their love a sword and their hearts a shield, and they will achieve many seemingly impossible things and will write their name in history with victories.

Destan Episode 11 English Subtitles

Trailer 1

Trailer 2

Destan Capitulo 11 en Español

Ver Destan Capitulo 11 con subtítulos en español. Ver Destan Capitulo 11 Temporada 1


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