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Watch Destan Episode 19 English Subtitles Free

Watch Destan Episode 19 English Subtitles Free

Destan Episode 18 Review

In Destan Episode 19, Alpagu says he killed Balamir and asks the soldiers to surrender. Balamir’s soldiers soon surrender. Akkiz stops somewhere in the forest and tells them that they should not go to the tribe. Batuga sets up a tent to save Colpan’s life and asks Kun Ata to come secretly. Colpan opens her eyes and asks Batuga to be Dag’s Khan.

Kuzu returns to the palace and tells what happened on Dag. Kuzu says Colpan is dead and Batuga is the new leader. Ece says they should attack Batuga, but Khan stops her. Alpagu says he will let Batuga grieve. Ece starts to think that Gunseli is pregnant and asks her to stay in the palace. Kun Ata tries to heal Colpan’s and Balamir’s wounds. Saltuk asks Temur to go with Batuga, but he refuses.

Destan Episode 19 English Subtitles Kayifamily

Yibek tells Ece that Balamir said something to Batuga before he died. Ece says Batuga must die to save her life. Kuzu tells Ece that Batuga has taken over the throne. Ece learns that there will be a wedding in Dag and asks Kuzu to send some spies. Batuga sees that the people of the tribe are upset and begins to tell them a story about Nowruz. Alpagu goes to a secret cave and talks to Alaca. Destan Episode 19 English Subtitles Kayifamily TV Series

Destan Episode 19 Release Date is 12th April 2022

Mei says it is difficult to locate Alaca and that Vargi was working with China. While Calayir is trying to get Akkiz out of the palace, Ece sees her. Ece asks if Gunseli is pregnant, but Akkiz does not give an answer to hide her identity. Gunseli says she will call another shaman to the palace and takes Akkiz out. Kuzu says the wedding is tomorrow and will send the spies there. Ece asks Kuzu not to kill Temur.

Destan Episode 19 English Subtitles

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Destan Capitulo 19 en Español

Ver Destan Capitulo 19 con subtítulos en español. Ver Destan Capitulo 19 Temporada 1


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