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Watch Destan Episode 22 English Subtitles Free

Watch Destan Episode 22 English Subtitles Free

Destan Episode 21 Review

In Destan Episode 22, Kaya tells his mother that his father has made an important decision about the future of the state, but has not told anyone about it yet. Danis says that Khan’s sons will enter the throne room first. Alpagu tells his sons what he has done for his country so far and says that he will declare war on China soon. Alpagu says his sons should be together. Khan then calls Akkiz and Saltuk to his room.

As the Tegins are about to leave the room, Danis stops them. Danis says that everyone attending the meeting will stay in this room until they make peace with each other. Temur asks Kaya why he killed Tutkun, but he denies everything. Mei goes to see the assassin and tells him to tell Khan everything about Ece. Thanks to Batuga’s words, the participants in the meeting make peace with each other.

Destan Episode 22 English Subtitles Kayifamily

Khan tells Kaya that he is in charge of the treasury and asks him to buy supplies for the army. Balamir talks to a shepherd and buys his entire flock. Balamir asks his soldiers to slaughter the herd. Batuga says he wants to fight and asks his father for a mission. Alpagu says Batuga will be the great commander who will lead the army. Khan tells Batuga that he has deep knowledge of this subject, as he told him about what he has done in the war for years. Mei says she wants to talk to Temur and calls him to her room. Destan Episode 22 English Subtitles Kayifamily TV Series

Destan Episode 22 Release Date is 10th May 2022

Alaca immediately tells Ece this information she learned. Ece also asks Kaya to eliminate this man immediately. Saltuk realizes that Alaca is a spy working for Ece. While Temur and Akkiz are trying to find the house in the market, Kuzu follows them. Sirma says she doesn’t want to fight for Alpagu and wants to leave the palace. Alpagu and Batuga look at a map and try to decide what tactics to use.

Destan Episode 22 English Subtitles

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Destan Capitulo 22 en Español

Ver Destan Capitulo 22 con subtítulos en español. Ver Destan Capitulo 22 Temporada 1


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