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Watch Destan Episode 7 English Subtitles Free

Watch Destan Episode 7 English Subtitles Free

Destan Episode 7 Summary

In Destan Episode 7, By Alpagu’s order, the engagement ceremony begins and thirty days pass. Sirma is sad that she is still not free, but Akkiz calms her down. Batuga secretly summons Akkiz and takes her to the tunnel in the palace. Akkiz can’t understand what’s going on and follows Tegin. One of Balamir’s commanders comes to the celebration and says he is surprised. Balamir says everything will be better very soon.

Khan asks the boy questions and sends him to the cellar later. Khan then asks Akkiz questions and asks her for Kun Ata. Akkiz says she would never do such a thing and then goes to talk to Sirma. Khan says he has to do something to calm everyone down. Those who come to celebrate begin to think that the two-headed wolf is still alive. Saltuk learns what

Destan Episode 7 English Subtitles Kayifamily

Alpagu returns to the place of celebration and starts talking to the tribal leaders there. Khan says if his people don’t trust him, he will leave the post. Those who came to celebrate say they trust Khan. Thereupon, Alpagu says that anyone there can plunder the palace. All the people are very happy about it. Balamir is furious that his plan doesn’t work and leaves the palace to meet with his own soldiers.

Destan Episode 7 Release Date is 18th January 2021

Ece congratulates her husband for what he did to Balamir. Khan orders Saltuk to be brought to the palace as soon as possible. Danis says Balamir should be punished but Khan says they will do it later. Khan demands that all swords belonging to Balamir and his soldiers be collected. Balamir goes to his headquarters and starts talking to his soldiers. Balamir asks a general to attack the Tegins and blame the claw. Khan asks Kaya to question the boy, but Gunseli objects.

Destan Episode 7 English Subtitles

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Destan Capitulo 7 en Español

Ver Destan Capitulo 7 con subtítulos en español. Ver Destan Capitulo 7 Temporada 1


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