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Destan Season 2 Release Date | Destan Season 2 KayiFamily

Destan Season 2 Release Date | Destan Season 2 KayiFamily

Destan Season Summary

In Destan Season 2, One of the most watched television shows of the year, Destan, had 27 episodes in its debut season. In a short period of time, Destan, which relates the tale of Akkiz and Batuga, gained popularity. Alpagu killed his wife because he believed she was a traitor. During this time at Dag, Alpagu murdered numerous innocent people. Akkiz waited years before taking steps to exact revenge on her father’s murder.

As the two-headed wolf’s claw, Akkiz gained notoriety for raiding Alpagu’s caravans. To spare his life, Batuga feigned to be dumb, and Khan let him stay in the palace. For Kaya to succeed Khan, Great Ece devised covert measures. Temur made an effort to assist his father, but he briefly fled the palace after he began to fall in love with Tutkun. Batuga once more managed to flee the palace and locate Akkiz.

Destan Season 2 Kayifamily

Balamir was thwarted by Batuga, who threatened to unite the Turks. Balamir put an end to his insurrection and enlisted in his brother’s army. The Itbaraks left for a while, then came back and started attacking the Turks. Batuga assaulted the Itbaraks after adjusting his posture. Colpan’s perspective was altered by Saltuk’s passing, and she soon began working for the Khan. Alpagu eliminated the threat posed by the Itbaraks with the help of his sons. Batuga wed Akkiz after arriving back at the palace, and the festivities got under way.

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Destan Season 2 Release Date

The television show’s second season, the first episode of which aired on November 27, is anticipated to premiere in September 2022. On its social media platforms, the producing company has not yet posted any announcements or statements. Additionally, the second season is anticipated to have an additional 30 episodes above the first season. The new cast members for Destan’s second season are still a mystery.


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