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Pakistan-Turkish New Series Salahuddin Ayubi to be Released Soon

Pakistan-Turkish New Series Salahuddin Ayubi to be Released Soon


Humayun Saeed will play Salahuddin Ayubi in the upcoming Pakistani television series. An actor from Pakistan released behind-the-scenes images from the lead role. The crew has assembled and is getting ready to go on set. The construction has begun. Drs. Junaid Shah and Kashif Ansari are excited to demonstrate to Pakistanis how hard Salahuddin Ayubi and Dr. Junaid Shah’s team are working to make Pakistan’s largest-ever collaboration with Turkey happen, he said in the caption of the photo.

Sultan Salahuddin al-Ayubi, a great Muslim fighter and ruler, is renowned for retaking Jerusalem from the Crusaders in 1187. In the city of Tikrit in northern Iraq, he was born in 1137. You are aware of how things are going, therefore we will soon be able to telecast the series. We consider it an honour to be a part of this production.


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Construction of Set for Salahuddin Ayubi Series

The scene, including the carpenter’s workshop, guest house, and assembly area, was seen on camera. At the end of July, the footage will be made public. However, this series’ construction won’t be finished until July 30, 2022. The Salahdin al-Ayyb television series was released as a consequence of coordinated efforts between Pakistan and Turkey.

Series Plan

Two businesses, Ansari & Shah Films and Akli Films, have an agreement to work together to develop a film about Sultan Salahuddin Ayyubi. On a joyful Friday night, wonderful news! Emre Konuk, the proprietor of Akli Films, tweeted about the agreement. Konuk thinks initiatives like this one between our two nations might be a fantastic method for us to connect with art lovers. Seasons of the TV programme will air, and Pakistani and Turkish musicians will be represented.


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