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Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu Season 2 Trailer Free Update

Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu Season 2 Trailer Free Update

Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu Season 2 Trailer

In Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu Season 2, But fans are demanding that Baycu be seen in a negative role because the character of a great villain is judged by it. As a great villain of the Mongol commanders, he was no less mature. Everyone thinks that this character was given very little time. And the ending was a little weird which has kept a confusion in the minds of the fans. Everyone thinks that Balgay may return someday Like Noyan came back in the fourth season after the second season. Viewers can’t say much about Balgay but now there is no place for the role of Balgay.

To say that Balgay is dead is by no means a return is a shocking thing because to some extent, there is a possibility that this character may come to the fore after one to two seasons but with the fall of the Mongols and the focus on the Byzantines in the series, this return is difficult. Before letting you know how many seasons the viewers will have with Kurulus Osman, let us tell you about Gunduz Bey’s son Aydoğdu, how long he will be in the series and how long he will be there? This is not the first story of a young fighter.

Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu Season 2 Release Date

In Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu Season 2, Earlier, the story of Suleiman, the son of Selcan Hatun, and Baihoca, the son of Savci Bey, is etched in our hearts. There is no doubt that Gunduz Bay’s son Aydoğdu will play the role next season. This character has also been mentioned in the last season. Aydoğdu’s role in next season will impress us all. According to history, this young warrior grew up in the shadow of Osman Bey and he received high training from them.

In Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu Season 2, But their role in the series may be different because according to the series, they are staying away from the tribe for the purpose of education. But whatever happens, history will not be tarnished to a great extent. If Aydoğdu’s character comes out next season, he will be a big supporter of Osman Bey and a lover of his claims. According to history, Aydoğdu was martyred at the age of only seven. In the Battle of Bembos between Osman Bey and the Byzantines, Osman Bey’s greatest loss was in the martyrdom of Aydoğdu.

It was fought in 1303 CE. Remember that if you don’t show a lot of time gap, it won’t be possible to show this fight next season. In other words, the role of Aydoğdu will continue beyond the third season. Many questions have been raised about how many seasons Kurulus Osman will have. There are also many rumors about a separate series of Orhan Ghazi. We have repeatedly told you that no decision has been made yet. This decision is not possible before the end of the special Kurulus Osman series.

Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Season 2 Trailer

In Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu Season 2, Mehmat Buzdag opinion on this and the discussion on Alauddin and Orhan Ghazi will be explained in the next video. The Kurulus Osman series is currently in full swing around the world, the Kurulus Osman series is celebrating its success. The series is currently on the rise. The series is being purchased in different countries around the world and translated into their own language. Most likely, the Kurulus Osman series will offer more seasons than Dirilis Ertugrul. The series will run for about 2024. The series on the life of Orhan Ghazi will be decided after that.


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