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Watch Barbaroslar Episode 22 with English Subtitles Free of Cost

Watch Barbaroslar Episode 22 with English Subtitles Kayi Family Free of Cost

Barbaroslar Episode 21 Review

In Barbaroslar Episode 22, After the capture of Kalymnos, Oruj changed the name of this island to Kelemez. Oruj then says that the Turks want to take Levitha to strengthen their dominance in the Mediterranean. Meanwhile, Muslims in Andalusia are in a difficult situation. The Spaniards say they will sell the Muslims as slaves. Khizir goes to Andalusia and saves the Muslims who are in trouble from being slaves.

Huma congratulates Oruj for what he has done. After Oruj Levitha is settled, he tells Huma that he wants to marry Isabel. Franco returns to Modon and tells Oruj’s offer to all the captains. A man comes to the island and kills all of Franco’s soldiers. This man says that he is the new commander of the castle and that his name is Marco Gabriel. Gabriel kills all the captains who accept Oruj’s agreement and says that they will not give land to the Turks no matter what.

Barbaroslar Episode 22 English Subtitles Kayi Family

After the last events, Mesih says that he cannot leave Kelemez and that he has to stop Oruj. The message Firuze sent arrives and Pasha is very happy about this situation. Huma goes to the market with Isabel and asks her about Oruj. Isabel learns about Oruj’s marriage proposal and says that she accepts this offer. Oruj visits the old mosque in Levitha and says he will repair it. Oruj sees Venetian soldiers approaching and thinks Franco is coming. Barbaroslar Episode 22 English Subtitles Osmanonline

Barbaroslar Episode 22 Release Date is 3rd March 2021

Sahsenem arrives while Huma learns about the condition of her belongings on the ship from Alexandria. Sahin says he is angry with Sahsenem for what she has done and asks her to go back. Sahsenem says she regrets helping Sahbaz. Huma convinces Sahin and says she will give Sahsenem a place to stay. Antuan says that Gabriel is a very cruel man. Pasha learns that Oruj couldn’t get Levitha and gets very angry with him. Oruj says the deal is still going on and he will keep his promise.

Barbaroslar Episode 22 English Subtitles

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Barbaroslar Capitulo 22 en Espanol Subtitles

Ver Barbaroslar Capitulo 22 con subtítulos en español. Ver Barbaroslar Las espadas del Mediterráneo Episodio 22.


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