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Kurulus Osman Episode 48 English Subtitles (Season 2 Episode 21) Free of Cost

Kurulus Osman Episode 48 English Subtitles (Season 2 Episode 21) Free of Cost

Kurulus Osman Episode 48 Summary

In Kurulus Osman Episode 48 English Subtitles, Now let’s talk in detail about Lena hatun. Viewers have been seeing Savci Bay’s wife, Lena hatun, since day one. And we know from their names that they are not Muslims. According to history, Savci Bay had only one wife. You may be surprised to know that it was not her mother who came, but her wife. There is only so much difference between the characters in the series and the historical characters. In other words, Lena’s role in the series was not so good. On the contrary, it was negative in the start but in history, Ana hatun was known as Ana Sultan.

The reason was that she belonged to a royal family. Rather, the Sultan was named after him as an honorary name because she had very good manners and she loved the people and the children of the tribe. That is why people called him the blessed angel. According to history, Savci Bey had two sons Bayhuja and Suleman Bey. In the series, Bayhuja is shown as the son of Lena hatun. What’s more, Lena hatun is about to become a mother. This news was found in episode no 30. And now I have seen this topic again by going to episode 45.

When Flatius pushed Lena and put his hand on her stomach. According to history, Bayhuja was martyred in the Armenian War. And they were young. Let us also know that Lena hatun will be martyred very soon after that and she will be very young then. Suleman Bay, the second son of Savci Bey He had been under the guidance of Osman Bey for a long time. We think Suleman Bay’s birth will be seen later this season or we’ll see the character of Suleman Bay in next season.

Now let’s talk about showing Lena hatun as a Christian. So viewers have nothing to do with history. Mr. Bazdag has exposed the fictional story of Lena hatun. According to history, the first Ottoman Christian woman was not Lena hatun but Nilüfer hatun who was the daughter of a Byzantine governor. And was the first wife of Sultan Orhan Ghazi, son of Osman Bey. After becoming a Muslim, she was called a Nilüfer hatun. She was also the mother of Orhan Ghazi’s son Murad.

Kurulus Osman Episode 48 English Subtitles (Season 2 Episode 21)


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