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Kurulus Osman Episode 45 English Subtitles Free of Cost

Watch Kurulus Osman Episode 45 English Subtitles Free of Cost

Kurulus Osman Episode 45 Summary

Season 2 of Kurulus Osman continued as usual But last night a shocking trailer was released. The trailer surprised everyone but at the same time the audience is confused in these scenes and does not understand the story. It has become a little difficult to guess who has betrayed. Everyone is getting into big trouble But it is understood that such a large-scale plan was made by the Byzantines and the Cuman Turks. I will talk about Targun Hatun, that came with Goktog in the tribe. What big surprise will she get when he reaches the tribe?

In Kurulus Osman Episode 45, Targun said she would be able to do whatever they wanted in the Bamsi Bay tent camp. What did that mean? What was Savci doing in the jungle when he was attacked? Dumrul Alp almost shotted by four arrows. Will he be martyred? Will Targun and Goktug Alp take Bala Hatun captive from the tribe? Nicola said that there will be blood on Osman Bay’s head or from his heart tomorrow. Will Flatyos attack Sogut.

First of all, let’s talk about Targun Hatun, how did they get in the tribe? And why Bala Hatun is attacked  in the tribe and in the field instead of Sogut? We heard Nikola to Targun say in the last episode that you will kill Bala Hatun too But we saw that Bala Hatun would be attacked twice. For the first time in a field where we saw Cuman Turk soldiers attacking Bala Hatun, Targun may not have had a chance to attack Bala Hatun in Sogut. But if you pay attention, Targun is also there when Bala Hatun is attacked in the field.

In Kurulus Osman Episode 45, Remember that nothing will happen to Bala Hatun here And she will return safely in tribe. But Targun Hatun is still adamant And will attack Bala Hatun again. We saw that Targun and Goktug have entered the tribe hiding their faces. They are somewhat disguised as merchants When they talk about how the tribe arrived, we heard Targun to say Goktuh Alp that we will reach the tent because of Bamsi Bay.

In Kurulus Osman Episode 45, Everyone wondered how this could happen. Remind you that Bamsi Bay will be attacked and Osman Bay will go in search of them as he is not in the tribe. Or it may be that Bamsi Bay and Abdul Rehman with Osman Bay have gone before And in the meantime the Goktug and Targun tribes came But still no one can enter the tribe like this. Seeing them in the guise of Viewers merchants, it is clear that Nicola may have persuaded them to join the tribe in the guise of merchants.

In Kurulus Osman Episode 45, Their only purpose in entering the tent is to catch Bala. We saw that Goktug Alp also had a sword around Bala’s neck But even after watching all this, the fans were not upset Because everyone knows that Goktug Alp is secretly with Osman Bay at the behest of Osman Bay. But let me tell you, Goktug will do what he thinks he will do. Even if the Targun woman wanted to kill Bala, Goktug Alp would not allow this to happen But don’t let his secret be revealed so quickly So the viewers might tell the Targun woman that instead of killing the Bala, they imprison her.

In Kurulus Osman Episode 45, It is possible that they grabbed the woman and took her with them. We saw that everyone was in trouble. The alliance of Nikola, Petros and Caman Turk has laid a great net. We also saw Savci Bey, Aygul, Dumrol, Bayhoca and Cerkotay in the woods. They may also have gone in search of Bamsi Bay in the jungle But their purpose in being there may be something else. Well, we saw that they are also attacke dAnd while saving the life of Savci Bay, Dumrul Alp also gets four arrows After which the question quickly arose as to whether the duo were leaving the Alp series.

Will they be martyred? So they are less likely to be martyred Because before that we also saw Goktug Alp with four to five arrow sBut we also saw that they recovered quickly. Dumrul Alp will also recover soon after the injury. The betrayal of Idris and Dundar will show in the next episode. Then we will see that there will be ambush everywhere. Bamsi Bey will also be ambushed. Targun will also ambush and attack Bala Hatun And Savci Bay will also be ambushed. Not only that, Osman Bay will also be ambushed and attacked not once but twice.

For the first time, they are going somewhere with Abdul Rehman Ghazi and Dumrul Alp with flags flying And the  Cuman Turks will attack them But they will successfully escape the ambush. Then maybe they will go in search of Bamsi Bay and they will encounter Nicola. Nikola knew that Osman Bay would reach here in search of Bamsi Bey. So he set a strong trap for Osman Bey.

One of Osman Bay’s soldiers could be seriously wounded here But with the help of ALLAH, Osman Bey will also escape from this ambush But remember that this time all the traps will be set very firmly And it will be difficult to get out of them easily. The first time we heard Nicola say that Osman Bay’s heart or head would bleed tomorrow. This means that he has tried his best that even if he could not kill Osman Bay, he will surely hurt Bala Hatun and will shed  blood tears of Osman Bay’s heart.

In the next episode, all the tactics of the enemies will be exposed But Osman Bey’s secret plan will continue. Goktug Alp, which is with Targun under Osman Bay’s secret plan, He will not harm Bala Hatun himself, nor will he allow Turgun to do so. With all this, the fact that he is a spy for Osman Bay will not come to light ,but on the contrary, Goktug Alp’s attitude and his strong alliance with Targun will give the impression that he is betraying Osman Bay. Even Bala Hatun may not soon realize that Goktug Alp is a spy for Osman Bay.

Finally, let’s talk about Flatyos. By the way, Osman keeps getting lost for no reason And there is always someone doing something But after meeting with Targun and Goktug, he did not appear clearly. It would be a mistake to think that Nicola and Targun are laying nets on all sides, and that Flatyos is sitting comfortably. Because his temper is so aggressive that he will not miss the opportunity to harm Osman Bey.

In Kurulus Osman Episode 45, If you look closely, not only Osman Bay, Bala Hatun and Savci Bay are in trouble, but Sogut has also been attacked. We see that Flatyos is attacking and massacring in Sogut’s opinion It is possible that we also saw Gunduz Bay in SogutAt present, Osman is in such a situation that the enemy is attacking him from all side. sThe enemy of Osman Bay who will be eliminated here may give up the command Because we think Targun’s time in the series is over. And after this great betrayal, we will see the end in the next episode.

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