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Watch Kurulus Osman Episode 135 English Subtitles Free

Watch Kurulus Osman Episode 135 English Subtitles Free

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Kurulus Osman Episode 134 Review

In Kurulus Osman Episode 135, Usman Bay goes to conquer the fort and sees that Yaqub Bay The fort has already been conquered. Episode number 135 also begins with the same scene. Usman Bey and Yaqub Bey are in the fort and Yaqub says to Usman Bey that you will conquer the fort with these rebels. It was said that you will come to conquer the fort with the Ghazis, but you want to conquer the fort together with Bhagyu, it does not suit you.

Then Uthman Bey starts to leave, Yaqub Bey says that this fort is yours, Uthman Bey is surprised and says that you have conquered and this is your right. Then Yaqub Bey says that when will you prove your loyalty and swear allegiance to me, after that Usman Bey says that after the death of Hazrat Muhammad, Hazrat Ali did not immediately swear allegiance to Hazrat Abu Bakr, so why are you in such a hurry? Yaqoob Bay says that we are in a state of war now, make a decision quickly, then brother Usman leaves from there.

Then Usman Bey and Bad Nabey and the rest of the people are having a discussion. Noor Bey says that you have accepted the offer to take the fort from Yakub Pay. Then Usman Bey says that Yakub Bey is playing a very dangerous game now. We need to be more careful otherwise all the chieftains may turn against us Then Uthman Bey prepares to leave the fort, handing over the fort to Ka Noor Pa, and tells Bran Bey to tell Al-Din not to leave the pursuit of Yaqoob and to inform us of his arrival.

Then we see that Muhammad Bey has stolen the treasure and he has changed the base of the Christian soldiers and stolen the treasure so that Bran Bey thinks that it is the work of the Christians and he says that now we are going straight to our new market. Then we see that Gunja Khatun, the daughter of Alauddin Bey and Yaqub Bey, has a race and the bet is that if Guncha Khatun wins, Alauddin Bey will call her by her first name.

Then we see Alauddin Bay dressed as Mongol soldiers preparing to attack them. Then we see the scene of the market where Malhoon scolds Al-Jin Hatoon with her hands and says how can you do such a thing, you are disrespecting us together with the enemies, so they say forgive me. has tried to convince Char Katai but he could not agree.

Then we see that Saadat is talking about taking all the Kalino from the Hatun market and plotting against Malhoon Khatun that we will buy all the Kalin then they will have nothing left and besides when Melhoon Khatoon If the caravan of the would come, they would also attack it so that the goods of the cursed woman and Kai Qal could not reach the market. Then Alauddin and Gunja Khatun reach the market and both reach at the same time. She says I will definitely beat you one day.

Kurulus Osman Episode 135 English Subtitles KayiFamily

He gets the news that Saadat Khatoon is going to attack their convoy, so she says to the soldiers, “You have to change your route, I am afraid that Khatoon may not attack.” Then we see that Usman Bey encounters a stranger who recognizes Usman Bey, but Usman Bey says to me, I don’t know you, then at the same time the Christians attack him.

Kurulus Osman Episode 135 Release Date is 8th November 2023

Uthman Bay kills all the Christian soldiers then asks Ustadjar who are you he says my name is Ayhan Iqah and I am a merchant and I sell goods from Constantinople to Aman so now I am going to the border market. On his way, he also gives a gift to Usman Bey, but after Usma leaves, he changes completely and it seems that Usman Bey has an old enemy.

Kurulus Osman Episode 135 English Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Episodio 135 en Espanol

Ver KURULUS OSMAN Episodio 135 con subtítulos en Español. Ver KURULUS OSMAN TEMPORADA 5 CAPITULO 5 con subtítulos en Español.


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