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Watch Barbaroslar Episode 18 with English Subtitles Free of Cost

Watch Barbaroslar Episode 18 with English Subtitles Kayi Family Free of Cost

Barbaroslar Episode 18 Summary

In Barbaroslar Episode 18, Khizir takes the envoys of the Christian states hostage and asks Karabay to withdraw his soldiers. Karabay says he will withdraw his soldiers after thinking for a while. Pietro is happy that he killed Oruj and plans to leave Alexandria as soon as possible. Conrad says he will bring more soldiers from Crete to attack Lesbos.

Khizir and Ilyas try to calm Ishaq. While shopping in the market, Isabel learns that Oruj has died and faints. Ilyas says that Karabay is responsible for everything and goes to kill him with some sailors. Sahin argues with Sahaz because of recent events. Khizir goes to the hospital to diagnose Oruj’s lifeless body but realizes something is wrong. Khizir checks all the dead but cannot find Oruj.

Barbaroslar Episode 18 English Subtitles Kayi Family

Sahbaz learns that Oruj may still be alive and gets very angry. Sahbaz sends his men into the forest to find Oruj. Isabel also learns that Oruj may still be alive and wants to inform Khizir about Sahbaz . Sahbaz stops Isabel once more and tells her that she cannot leave the inn. Sahbaz then talks to Pietro and tells him about Oruj. Khizir finds some footprints in the forest and tells that someone is carrying Oruj. Barbaroslar Episode 18 English Subtitles Osmanonline

Barbaroslar Episode 18 Release Date is 3rd February 2021

Khizir sees Oruj’s horse and gets more hopeful. Meanwhile, Sinan and the bandits attack. Oruj has a dream. Oruj talks to his father in his dream and tells him that he was injured. Oruj’s father tells how they captured Lesbos years ago and asks him to get well soon. Khizir and the sailors eliminate the knights first and then the soldiers of Sahbaz. Khizir immediately goes to the port and enters the ship there.

Barbaroslar Episode 18 English Subtitles

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Barbaroslar Capitulo 18 en Espanol Subtitles

Ver Barbaroslar Capitulo 18 con subtítulos en español. Ver Barbaroslar Las espadas del Mediterráneo Episodio 18.


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