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Watch Destan Episode 5 English Subtitles Free

Watch Destan Episode 5 English Subtitles Free

Destan Episode 5 Summary

In Destan Episode 5, Akkiz and the other slaves are taken to a room in the palace. The man in the room puts the seal on the bodies of the new slaves. Akkiz tries to stop the soldiers but fails. Kircicek asks her father to do something and stop this marriage. Balamir says he wants his daughter to marry Tegin instead of marrying a drunken commander. Batuga leaves the room and says everyone will regret it when the time comes. Alpagu gets out of bed that night and goes to the balcony of the palace.

Batuga starts to make the key of the room to help Akkiz. Akkiz calms Sirma down that night and tells her that they will be free soon. Ece gets up early the next morning and starts praying to God. Ece then starts talking about the upcoming celebrations. The old servants of the palace try to mistreat the new slaves, but Akkiz stops them. Batuga makes a key to open the door of the room all night and then takes action to give it to Akkiz.

Destan Episode 5 English Subtitles Kayifamily

Soon after, Batuga arrives and Alpagu wakes up. Alpagu says his condition is good. Alpagu says that Balamir has very good relations with other tribes and asks his sons to establish good relations with the Beys. While Akkiz is working in the kitchen, Ilay comes and attacks her. Akkiz beats the old servants, but in the meantime, Yibek arrives. Yibek asks the soldiers to catch the new servants.

Akkiz’s friends seize a slave-carrying car and kill the merchants. Yibek takes the slaves to the dungeon. In the meantime, Tutkun talks to Calayir and asks him to go somewhere. Kun pretends to be a slave trader and manages to enter the city. Akkiz starts talking to her friends and says that there is a tunnel in the dungeon. Akkiz then tells them that they need to start working to open the entrance to this tunnel.

Destan Episode 5 English Subtitles

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